wiankidlabiankiBianka was born on 26th May 2014, 3 weeks before she was expected. Apparently Bianka decided to give her mum a present. 3130 grams and 51 centimetres of pure happiness.

From the very beginning I knew she was special, but there was a feeling of anxiety as well… I didn’t know where those feelings came from and why. Mother’s intuition? Bianka suffered from jaundice, so after her birth she had to spend 11 days under lamps. Bianka, as one month old newborn, underwent a fundoscopy and nothing wrong was discovered. The doctor didn’t ask to come for more check-ups. Everything was just great – Bianka’s mother says.

Bianka had been monitored by paediatricians. When she was 9 and 15 months old urticaria (hives) of unknown origin forced Bianka to come back to hospital. This happened again when she was 23 months old, this time the reason to visit hospital was a high temperature, a high level of CPR and leucocytes in Bianka’s blood. The obstacles that arose at the early stage of the Princess’s life were gone.

Retinoblastoma… malignant cancer of the eye… the both eyes affected… very serious condition… The cancer has literally been eating Bianka’s eyes and no one has noticed!

Just recently, for a split second, from a certain angle and due to the fact that Bianka was facing a window, I saw a reflection in my daughter’s eye. I remember very clearly that my first thought was “Oh, same as in our cat’s eyes!”. When I mentioned this, my family said it must have been a delusion. Only when in late July aunt Ania saw the same reflection, could I tell from the expression on her face that something might be wrong. We went to see a doctor straightaway and diagnosis we heard was: tumours in both eyes, you have to take Bianka to emergency room. I was devastated – Bianka’s mum says with her eyes full with tears.

In Wroclaw University Hospital Bianka was examined by a several doctors. She is very determined and has a strong character. Her parents had to wrap her up in bed sheets and four more people had to hold her and forcibly keep her eyes open to conduct fundoscopy.

She was screaming so loudly she almost lost her voice. Each and every scream made my heart break, piece by piece. I noticed one of the doctor’s serious face as she told the other one “to come and see this”. “Take her to The Children’s Health Institute in Warsaw, they’ll take care of her.” I remember myself saying that she’d been monitored by paediatricians every month. She’s healthy, cheerful, persistent, full of life, she has no problems with vision, she never complains! I take care of her! – heartbroken mum says.

The diagnosis made by The Children’s Health Institute shocked the whole family: Bianka’s disease is so advanced that she will be blind or visually impaired. More tests have to be conducted.

The only way to save Bianka’s eyes is an expensive treatment in the USA, where for 11 years dr Abramson and dr Gobin have cured conditions even if the chances for recovery were very low. Bianka needs advanced treatment and experience as this type of the cancer (the one that affects both eyes) is very complex. Bianka deserves treatment in the possibly most effective place in the world.

Let’s not be indifferent, the good you do, comes back to you!

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